Effective People Management

What does every manager really need to know about building a high performing team?

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This book is not a textbook that will tell you everything there is to know about the day-to-day practical and theoretical aspects of HR or People Management. Instead it is a collection of insights into what managing people really entails – including the fact that the only predictable thing about people is that they are unpredictable. This book will show you the importance of taking an individual approach with every People Management situation that you have to deal with. It will encourage you to carefully think about your own approach and how to anticipate and prepare for a wide range of reactions from the different people in your team.

Start here if:

  • You are new to management and need to know how to get started in the best way
  • You have been managing people for a while and want to build a more effective team
  • Your team is performing badly and you just don’t know what to do about it!

Michelle Prescott uses more than 20 years of expertise and experience to deliver sustained improvements to the performance and wellbeing of individuals, teams and whole organisations. She does this by analysing and resolving People Management issues, working with her clients to help them meet and exceed their business goals, though the effective utilisation of their people.

In this book Michelle shares many of the insights she has developed over her years as a People Management specialist, in a simple, easy to follow format. Whatever stage of your management career you are at, this book is a good place to start.

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