People & Organisation

People Development and Organisation Development are essential to optimise the performance necessary to achieve the objectives of your business plan.

A proactive approach to developing your people is a key element of building a high performing team.

We are experienced in providing effective People Development and Organisation Development services including:

  • Improving performance through gathering and analysing data to identify effective organisation, team and personal improvements
  • Getting more out of what you have already got by increasing performance and productivity through meeting effective personal development needs
  • Developing programmes that build a culture of engagement and empowerment
  • Delivering coaching, training and team building to ensure people have the skills, knowledge and experience to meet their performance objectives

Development – People

People develop knowledge, skills and experience from the day that you appoint them and it should continue throughout their employment.

Managing the continuous development of individuals, teams and the organisation is essential for maximising the effectiveness of the daily operation of your organisation.

Development – Organisation

Long-term sustainability requires more than the effective daily operation of an organisation. Successful organisations don’t just survive, they thrive. They do this by reacting positively to inevitable future evolutions and changes. To achieve this requires a strategic and pragmatic approach to People and Organisation Development.

Properly structured Organisation Development shapes plans for effective future action and performance. It applies scientific (and logical) behavioural approaches to gathering and analysing data. Organisation Development is most effective when it involves everyone in a team or organisation, and is conducted in an open, objectively challenging and supportive environment.

We can find out a lot and can offer initial help and advice from one phone conversation. Call Michelle Prescott on 01488 639728 for a free and confidential chat and tell us more about any performance problems or plans.

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