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October 2023 – Ten top tips for People Management

July 2023 – What are the five key factors of people management? Yes, there are only five!

April 2023 – Performance Management for your team: storming or stagnating?

January 2023 – Performance Management for your team: where’s the best place to start?

October 2022 – Has People Development changed in recent years?

July 2022Great pay is not enough to keep great employees. What else can you offer them?

May 2022 – What does Engagement look like in the Brave New World?

March 2022 – This issue of PepTalk asks “Are you ready to recruit?”

January 2022 – What are the five key factors of People Strategy & Management? Find out in this issue of PepTalk.

November 2021 – How can Open Systems Theory help you deliver more effective People Management?

September 2021 – How can you use Maslow’s take on motivation to get the best from your employees?

July 2021 – Have you been managing on the edge of chaos over the last year? Read my latest newsletter to find out.

May 2021 – Is People Management science, art or luck?

March 2021 – Are you the boss or the best friend of your team? You can’t and shouldn’t be both, so what’s your ‘Boss Effect’?

January 2021 – I don’t make New Year resolutions, but if I was facing the task of managing people this year, I would resolve to remember the Five Key Factors of management that I have written about in my book. Click here to find out what they are and how to remember them.

November 2020 – What are the 7 essentials of People Management?

September 2020 – 5 key factors of Performance Management

July 2020 – Returning to Work? What do you need to do to prepare your people and your organisation for the ‘new normal’?

May 2020 – The Manager’s Guide to People Development in Tricky Times

March 2020 – Recruitment done right

January 2020 – What’s the best way to manage your people? By engaging with them or by empowering them? What’s the difference? This is what we’ll explore in this issue of PepTalk.

November 2019You want a pay rise!? How much is enough when it comes to paying your team? Click here for this issue of Pep Talk that discusses the importance of paying the right amount. 

September 2019 – How Do You Reward Your Employees? – How do you make sure that you are rewarding your people in a way that will motivate them to do their best for you?  Read this issue of Pep Talk to find out.

July 2019 – Managing Performance and Mental Health at Work – Make the most of Wellness and Performance Action Plans to help manage performance. This issue of Pep Talk will show you how.

May 2019 – Managing Performance and Mental Health at Work – What do you need to know? Read this issue of the newsletter to find out.

March 2019 – There’s no ‘you’ in team. Click here to read more about recruiting your ideal team.

January 2019 – How is People Management Good for Business? Click here to read January’s issue of Pep Talk.

November 2018 – Let’s talk about mental health and how talking about it can help individual and organisational performance. Click here to read this latest issue of Pep Talk.

September 2018 – Are you managing on the edge of chaos? Click here to find out in our latest newsletter.

July 2018 – Is People Management about Science, Art or Luck? In this issue of Pep Talk we’ll take a look at the three elements of science, art and luck and how you can apply them.

May 2018 – What is Your Gender Pay Gap and Why You Need to Know It? This issue of PepTalk looks at why you should be considering the gender pay gap, regardless of the size of your organisation.

March 2018 – Why is Giving Challenging Feedback So Tricky to Get Right? What about the really difficult, challenging feedback that you need to deliver? This issue of PepTalk will help you to get it done effectively. Read on to find out how!

January 2018 – Feedback is not Criticism in Disguise. Giving feedback when it’s needed is not always easy. Too often it is seen as criticism, so I thought I would use this issue of PepTalk to talk about how to give good feedback.

November 2017 – Are You The Perfect Boss? Training that includes personality profiling can help you to understand your individual personality. It shapes your behaviours that impact on your leadership style and influence the type of boss you are. Read on to find out more!

September 2017 – How Good Are You at Giving and Receiving Feedback? We have developed a better approach around giving timely feedback and asking for it. Read my tips here for how you can do that too.

July 2017 – What is the difference between ‘managing people’ and ‘people management’ and how do you get started? Read on to find out.

May 2017 – People Management is not just about individuals doing what they need to do to reach their targets. In this issue of our newsletter we look at the importance of doing it for the team. Click here to read it.

March 2017 –  The majority of people you manage will deliver what is expected of them and will do a good job. What about the ones that don’t? This issue of PepTalk provides you with a good place to start in managing performance.

January 2017 – In this newsletter I highlight some of the most important people issues that I believe you need to consider this year, in order to continue to get the most from your people and your organisation. Read it here.

November 2016 – What are the benefits of benefits? Can you use them to inspire and motivate your team members and encourage their loyalty to your organisation? Read this issue of PepTalk to find out.

September 2016 – How could leaving the EU affect the people in your organisation? Read this issue of our newsletter to learn more.

July 2016 – Are you the right person to manage your people? This issue of our newsletter highlights some of the issues you need to consider.

May 2016 – The people you employ are part of your competitive advantage. How do you find the best people who can help you to build that advantage? Read our newsletter to find out.

March 2016 – Of the hundreds of People Management theories you can read about, how many of them actually make sense? Here are three that I think actually make sense.

January 2016 – What’s your ‘boss effect’ and what impact does it have on your people? Read this issue of our newsletter to find out.

November 2015 – Can you really use appraisals to develop your people? Or are they just a time-consuming task that you have to complete? Find out in this issue of the newsletter.

September 2015 – The seven essentials of People Management. Part One was covered in the last newsletter. Click here to find out about Part Two

July 2015 – What are the seven essentials of People Management? Read this newsletter to find out about the first three.

May 2015 – How do you develop the people in your organisation? Read this newsletter for advice on how to manage the continuous development of individuals, teams and yourself.

March 2015 – People are NOT the greatest asset of your business. Or are they? That’s the what we ask in this issue of PepTalk which you can read here.

January 2015 – What were your biggest people challenges last year? What will they be this year? Click here to read our latest newsletter.

November 2014 – Engagement vs Empowerment Which one is more important, when you’re looking to create an effective team? Click here to find out.

September 2014 – It’s the People, Stupid! What should you focus on in order to make an organisation of any size truly successful? It’s the people, stupid! Click here to read more.

July 2014 – The Art and Luck of People Management. Learning about the science of people is only one part of the People Management puzzle; another piece involves the art of applying that learning. Click here to read how to put them all together for the best effect.

May 2014 – People Management – is it Art, Science or Luck? There are varied definitions to people management and there is no set approach to handling it. With the right mix of art, science and luck you can get it right. Click here to see what we can learn from the science of people management.

October 2013 – How to get the best from your team Many people believe that once they’ve hired new employees, they can sit back and relax, because the hard work is done. However, this is just the start of it! Click here to read the full newsletter.

June 2013 – How Not to Recruit the Best People for Your Business. Many business owners and managers think that when it comes to recruiting additional members
of staff, they are looking for someone “a bit like me.” Click here to read the full newsletter.

April 2013 – Manage Your People for the Best Performance Managing performance is something that as a manager you will do every day – probably without even realising it. However, it’s not just about training people to do a job and making sure they are doing it to the standard you want them to do it. April 2013 – Manage Your People for the Best Performance

January 2013 – Pay: Are You Only Paying What You Can Get Away With. I hate to break this to you – the reason why most of your people are working for you is not that they love your organisation or products. It’s the salary that you pay them. Click here to read the full newsletter.

July 2012 – The Boss Effect. If at some stage in your career you are put in a position of managing others then you become the ‘boss’.

May 2012 – Using Organisational Development to Gain Competitive Advantage. Gaining market advantage and differentiation from competitors is a key strategy for every business no matter what industry they operate in. Click here to read the full newsletter.

March 2012 – Is Your Team Working? Working well with others is a key requirement for every job. This is never more important than when working as part of a team. Click here to read the full newsletter.

February 2012 – Are Your Teams or Individuals Under Performing? Poorly performing individuals and teams can have a negative impact on the success of your business and reputation. Click here to read the full newsletter.

December 2011 – Reluctance to Change. . Your business is a success and it is growing. You are recruiting new people and securing the future of your company
for all. Click here to read the full newsletter.

October 2011 – Organisational Development: Growth without Growth! The success of your business relies on your employees; by getting the best from your team you get the best for your organisation. Click here to read the full newsletter.

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