People & HR Management Services

We are specialists in the field of people management and have the knowledge and experience to identify, develop and implement strategies that will solve problems, challenges and changes facing your people and organisation.

We develop and deliver bespoke people management approaches that meet statutory, regulatory and best practice requirements for recruiting, employing and developing a high performing team including:

  • Resolving people management and performance issues such as difficult people, grievance and disciplinary matters
  • Delivering policies and best practice for recruiting, employing and building a high performing team
  • Meeting legal and contractual requirements in respect of employee rights, documents, policies and procedures
  • Developing and implementing competitive pay and benefits policies

Your organisation couldn’t function without people, and when effectively managed, they are a critical part of your competitive advantage. A proactive People Management strategy identifies methods that will maximise your opportunities to develop your organisation via the people you employ.

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We can find out a lot and can offer initial help and advice from one phone conversation. Call Michelle Prescott on 01488 639728 for a free and confidential chat and tell us more about your people problems or your plans.

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